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Here are some of the cats we currently have available.
You can click on any of the images to see a larger version.


My name is Tildon or Tildie for short. I am a very cute long haired, gray and white kitten. I am very curious, bold and adventurous. I love to play by myself or with other kittens. I am strong, and full of energy. Don't you think I am very photogenic? I forgot to mention, I love to get in people's laps and purr up a storm. I guess I am known as a lap kitty. I would love to go to a good home.


My name is Spinner, and and I am a female kitten. I am very sweet, playful, and would like to be with another kitty.


Button is a brother to Orio. They were found in the Willow Glen Area. Button has a kink in his tail like his sister Orio. A vet said it may be hereditary. He is shy and timid, but loves to have his back touched and face. He is a sweetie too!

Chubby Cheeks

I am Chubby Cheeks. I am an adorable, loving kitten looking for a great home. I am very playful and love other kitties.


Hi. My name is Orio. I'm a beautiful black and white kitty. If you look at the picture, my face looks like an Oreo. I am very sweet and affectionate. I'm a little bit shy, but once you get to know me I'll be your best friend. Something special about me: I have a kink in the end of my tail, which makes me very special! I'd love to be adopted by people who will take good care of me and give me a good home.


Bandit is a sweet male kitten. His sister is Segunda. He loves to be touched while he is laying down. Most kitties put their tail up, he just plops down and purs up a storm. He loves to play. He is a bigger kitten than sister Segunda.


I am the little tiny white kitten. I am a Calico, but mostly white. I have to stay indoors because of my white color. Don't let my size fool you! I can run, jump, tumble, roll, and climb just as well as my bigger brother Angel. We get along great. Even though I am small, I am very curious and courageous. I would love to be with a person who will love me for the rest of my life.


Segunda is so small, but so sweet. She will just purr as soon as someone just touches her. Segunda is only the second kittie to be caught without a trap of over 100 rescued ferral kitties we have had. That is how she got her name Segunda which means second in Spanish. She really needs someone who is very gentle to take her home.



Hi my name is Silver. I like to explore everything. I am very energetic and playful. In fact, as you see me in the picture I am leaping high for a toy. I love to play with anything that moves. There is never a dull moment with me around. In case you didn't notice I have strikingly good looks. At least that's what all the humans say when I am at the cat adoption shows.

Tinker Bell

Hi I'm Tinker Bell. I am a beautiful, soft, cuddly kitten. I purr, as soon as someone touches me. I get along great with all kinds of kitties, big and small. I am shy, but like to play. I am very low Key and a very easy -going kitty. I want to go to a good home with someone who will love me very much.


I'm Jewels. I love to chase anything that moves, including a kitty tail. My sister is Precious, and we have so much fun together! I too would love to live with someone who will take good care of me for my entire life. I'm very bold and have lots of energy.

Benga (photos soon)

Benga is a lovable rascal, loves to play and chase kitties and toys alike. Benga likes to sleep on knees and nap with whomever sits long enough for him to get 40 winks. Benga is a 3 month old shorthair Classic American Tabby.


Hi. My name is Precious. I'm a very playful, curious kitten. I'm looking for someone to love me and give me a good home. My sister is Jewels. We love each other. We tumble, roll, jump, and hide from one another. I have very soft fur.


I am the gorgeous cute orange & white Tabby. I love my milk every morning. I am a talker, and will let you know what's on my mind. My sister Ally is a little talker. I love to investigate. I am very lovable, and would love to go to a loving, caring home, for life!